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Doctoral Program in Chemistry

The doctoral program in Chemistry explores innovative training areas in the field of Chemistry, offering wide diversification options within the two areas of specialization: Organic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry and Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.
This program is organized into two components: a PhD course with 60 ECTS (2 semesters) and a dissertation of 180 ECTS prepared over a 6 semester working period.
The PhD program consists of courses in specific chemistry areas and also other crosscutting areas. The Chemistry courses are optional except “Security in chemistry laboratories” and “Thesis preparation” which are mandatory. The optional courses are selected by the student together with the course directors from a list of proposed subjects, which may be reviewed annually or eventually transformed into advanced courses. The optional units of the 1st and 2nd semesters will be offered in the two areas of specialty proposed for this doctoral program. The cross-cutting units are mandatory and included in the 1st semester, namely “Scientific writing in English” and “Technological entrepreneurship” and in the 2nd semester “English speaking in an academic context”.

Doctorate in Applied Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a PhD in Applied Chemistry which does not include a course component, relying solely on research work according to a doctoral project and guided by one or more teachers/researchers.


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