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Masters Course in Medicinal Chemistry
The Medicinal Chemistry course is organized in four semesters. The 1st year consists of 10 mandatory course units (CU), two of which are laboratory practices. The lectures will be used to develop topics in the areas of organic chemistry, structural characterization and analysis and in synthetic strategies and also to introduce concepts in molecular modeling that will give the student the most common tools in this field. The laboratory practices will be carried out as small research projects that will allow the student to be a part of a research group. During the 2nd year the students will develop a research project that will be presented in the form of a thesis and defended orally.
The main goal of the Medicinal Chemistry course is to create skills in the design, synthesis and development of new drugs for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose. The medicinal chemist should still be able to work in multidisciplinary teams, interacting with experts from different fields from theoretical chemistry to biology.

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