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Masters Course in Chemical Analysis and Characterisation Techniques
This MSc in Chemical Analysis and Characterisation Techniques is structured in accordance with the guidelines emerging from the Bologna Process, having been registered by the General Directorate of Higher Education. The MSc in Chemical Analysis and Characterisation Techniques came into operation in the academic year of 2008/09.
Analytical Chemistry is essential for social and economic welfare, with applications not only in chemistry but also in Biology, Ecology and Industry. Methods of characterisation and analysis play a central role, both in scientific research, in the environmental field and in quality control. In the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, textiles, polymers industries among others, the instrumental methods of characterisation and analysis are essential in the control of raw materials, the assessment process and the quality of final products. Characterisation techniques and chemical analysis are still very important in sectors such as health and forensic investigation. Thus, the field of Analytical Chemistry and Structural Characterisation is still increasing, and it is expected a sharp increase in employment in this area.

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