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Degree in Chemistry

The Degree in Chemistry offered by UMinho is a 1st cycle course that provides a solid background in core areas of chemistry, both in their theoretical and laboratory components, and basic training in complementary areas. The course offers a choice of four alternative routes: Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics and Chemistry minor in Plastic Materials. In the final semester of the course a traineeship is carried out that can be in an industrial context (analysis laboratories or companies in the manufacturing sector) or in scientific research laboratories.
The official course duration is 3 years (6 semesters) corresponding to 180 ECTS credits.
This degree allows the student to acquire the skills needed for insertion into active life. Alternatively, it enables the pursuit of studies in UMinho or other national or international higher education institution in order to obtain an 2nd cycle degree in an area of specialization. Students also have the opportunity to undertake part of their studies in a European university under the Erasmus program. Thus the Degree in Chemistry provides a university education with genuinely European basis and not just national, facilitating the integration of graduates in the international market.

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