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Peptide Chemistry 

The aim of the Peptide Chemistry group is to develop new methods and new intermediates for peptide synthesis in solution and to apply them to the production of peptides, peptide analogues and peptidomimetics with possible biological activity and potential application in the field of drug discovery. This work has been developed mainly in the following areas:
. Development of synthetic methods for the preparation of non-proteinogenic amino acids.
. Protecting group chemistry, namely the synthesis and application of new fluorescent photocleavable protecting groups.
. Synthesis and application of alpha, alpha-dialkyl glycines as obtained by the Ugi-Passerini reaction.
. Synthesis, structure and molecular modeling of peptides.
All members of this group have been involved in collaborations with members of other groups within the “Centro de Química”, namely from the Heterocyclic Chemistry Group. Collaborations with members of the Chemistry Departments of the Universities of Porto, Lisbon and of the New University of Lisbon have also been established.

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