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The Memory of the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Minho was created when the university was founded in 1974. From the very beginning, many of the teaching staff contributed, and continue to contribute, to the development of the department, through the implementation and consolidation of both scientific and pedagogical projects. In the following section some of the retired members of the department are indicated.

. Hernâni Lopes da Silva Maia, retired in 2006 (Emeritus Full-chair professor)

. Maria Irene Magalhães Assunção Montenegro, retired in 2009 (Full-chair Professor)

. Maria Virgínia Mendes Gregório, retired in 2003 (Associate Professor)

. Maria Arlete Morais Queirós, retired in 2008 (Associate Professor)

. Maria Teresa Nascimento da Costa Ferreira Ramalho, retired in 2009 (Assistant Professor)

. António Coutinho da Silveira Ramos, retired in 2008 (Teaching Assistant)

In recognition of the important contribution that our deceased members of staff made, the department remembers Doctor Ana Maria da Cruz Fernandes Freitas (1950-2001) and Mário Rui Jorge Rebelo (1962-1997).

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