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Stripping electroanalytical techniques: SSCP and AGNES

The attendee will develop a basic understanding of the techniques, including the underlying theory. The topics to be covered include:
1. Basic principles of trace metal dynamic speciation for small ligands and colloidal dispersions;
2.The basic concepts of stripping electrochemical techniques and its application in free metal determination (AGNES) and dynamic speciation (SSCP);
3. Practical implementation of these techniques in the laboratory;
4.The development of excel files to interpret the SSCP signal and extract the physically meaningful parameters.

The concepts will be illustrated by applications to different systems including simple ligand, humic and fulvic acids,nanoparticles and living organism (bacteria, algae and yeasts).

The registration fee for the Short Course is 100 Euros. Students may register at a 50% discount, paying— 50 Euros.

The short course will be held on the 19 and 20th October 2015, with theoretical sessions in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon.

A limited number of places will be available for the practical sessions, so an early registration for those interested in participate is desirable. The theoretical sessions are not limited.
The registration fee for the course includes participation in the course, text materials and refreshment breaks; the Short Course Registration fee does not include or apply to the general Meeting Registration, and it is not applicable to any other activities of the meeting.
The deadline for registration for a course is October 12, 2015. Interested parties may register using the registration form.

Pre-registration is required for email: xxspe@quimica.uminho.pt
All courses are subject to cancellation pending an appropriate number of advance registrants.

Course  sponsored by Potencial Zero

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